Looking After Your Cooler Bag

We want you to enjoy your cooler for for many Summer's to come. To keep it looking great, follow the tips below.

A Note on Waxed Canvas

The best thing about waxed canvas, is its ability to age and wear over time. The scuff marks and creases give the material its unique, distinct look. Don't be alarmed if your cooler starts showing these wear marks - it's all a part of the waxed canvas look.

If you would prefer to reduce the appearance of the marks and scuffs you can use a hairdryer on a mild heat about 10cm away from the surface in a circular motion. This will soften the wax and reduce the appearance of the wear on the material.

Regular Care

For your standard care:

  • Wipe the interior lining of your cooler after each use
  • Allow to air dry completely after each use - never store when wet or damp
  • Never soak in water
  • Do not machine wash