Queen Size Towels

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      Queen Size Towels: The Ultimate in Comfort and Luxury

      Indulge in the luxury of our Queen-sized towels. These large, plus sized towels ensure a luxe dry-off and can double as a blanket when you need some extra warmth. Available in a range of colours and designs, check out our Queen collection here....

      Stunning Designs: Our Queen Size Towel Collection Has Something For Everyone 

      Our queen towels are perfect for those who like to get extra cosy. Their generous size allows you to wrap up in comfort and warmth after a cold dip. 

      Choose from an array of colours, prints, and patterns, inspired by the natural landscapes of our surroundings in Western Australia. From muted neutral shades to bold, earthy hues, there is something for everyone. Browse our collection today. 

      The Benefits of Our Queen Towels 

      There’s a reason we’re known for our ultra-soft, plush textures that last for years on end. What sets our range apart is the superior quality, dense fibres, and longer individual cotton strands, which make our towels thicker, more absorbent, and softer than others. 

      Versatility is one of the key benefits of our Queen Towels. Not only do they provide ample coverage as a travel towel, but can double as a wrap or cover up and even be used as a blanket for cooler temperatures. 

      Other benefits include:

      • Made from 100% pure cotton
      • Stunningly unique and timeless designs to choose from
      • Highly packable and easy to travel with
      • Eco-friendly and good for the environment
      • They get better with age, as each wash makes them fluffier! 

      Shop Now for Luxurious Queen Towels 

      Here at Layday, we’ve designed a range of travel towels with rest and relaxation in mind. Whether you’re lazing by the pool or off to the beach, our towels offer the ultimate in comfort and luxury. Plus they’re highly packable, so they’re easy to bring along on all your adventures. 

      If you'd like more information, please contact us at cs_layday@leisurecollective.com.au

      cs@leisurecollective.com.au if you need a hand. Or, head to your local Layday stockist for the heads up on which designs are best for you.
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