Protesters Falls | NSW

The cool, damp air of the rugged ranges of the Nightcap National Park provide a nice oasis if you are visiting Protesters Falls during the warmer summer months of the year. Protesters is World Heritage-listed and is named after the Terania Creek protests of the late 1970s that saved this precious patch of pristine rainforest. It is also an important habitat for a range of endangered frogs, including the threatened Fleay’s barred frog and pouched frog. This means swimming is discouraged in numbers, however there are many spots to be found along the road here to stop off for a quick dip. A walking track leads through magnificent rainforest to a spectacular waterfall and being only a short walk, it is great for families and nature-lovers. It can get pretty damp in this climate which means it can get muddy and slippery in some places along the track - make sure to bring shoes with good grip! Walking along this easy track there are subtropical bangalow palms and native tamarind that give way to towering rainforest giants of yellow carabeen and strangler figs - a fascinating sight to see these giant trees be swallowed by another! There are composting toilets on site and if you’ve worked up an appetite, enjoy a leisurely lunch at the picnic area where BBQs are provided Definitely worth the stop if you are touring the beautiful NSW North Coast hinterland.


Type of spot Waterfall
Whats it called? Protesters Falls
Where abouts? New South Wales
Map Link (if its a sensitive spot, no need to map)
Type of access Gravel paths
Walking distance? 1-2km
Best Season to swim here? summer
Supplies? Bring food & Water
Costs to swim? Free
Recommended for Everyone