Dangar Falls | Belingan | New South Wales 🇦🇺

by Swim Spot hunter @haydenseyes & @shasta.rianne

Bellingen Swim Spot

A 30 minute drive inland from Bellingen Shire winds up and into mountain terrain to Dangar Falls, an impressive sight to behold. The drive alone is one of adventure and wonder as it takes you through the ancient Dorrigo National Forest. Just north of Dorrigo, this scenic beauty had us mesmerised by the amount and roar of water crashing over it's edge and even from the above viewing platform we felt minuscule in comparison to the power of nature. A short walk by boardwalk down the cliffside will take you right to the riverside at the base of the falls where there is a grassy area for you to set up a picnic with friends to enjoy after a swim. The paddle across the water left us puffed but is well worth it to revel in the sensation of droplets showering down and there are smooth rocks under the surface of the water you can comfortably perch on behind the curtain of water where there is plenty of room for everyone! A must see if you are travelling through this area of Northern NSW.

Type of spot Waterfall
Whats it called? Dangar Falls
Where abouts? New South Wales
Type of access Paved paths
Walking distance? Short walk from carpark
Best Season to swim here? summer
Supplies? Bring food & Water
Costs to swim? Free
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