Sal Salis Eco Lodge & Our Co Branded Travel Towel

Layday™ Towels for one of the Best Eco Retreats in Australia

We were going to use the term collaboration...but we feel that's now a term owned by social influencers asking for free stuff in exchange for butt photo's on our towels - sorry, butt it's a weekly occurrence for us these days :)  

Co-branding more describes what we've done here with our friends up the Coast at Sal Salis Ningaloo Reef. 

To have the full scope of what is it they're doing for National and International Tourists & Western Australian Tourism in general for that matter, head over to their site.

Maybe book yourself a tent on one of Australia's best kept secret beaches?

The price per night is not your usual Camping x Caravan Park rates. Sal Salis is based in a National Park and is literally set up in the sand dunes of one of the best snorkelling beaches in WA.  

The team put a lot of effort into minimising their visual & overall environmental impact in such a fragile area. A good portion of their revenue goes straight back into maintaining the natural landscapes and public facilities around the Ningaloo Marine Park. 

As for their choice of Travel Towel, they chose our Vessel Collection in all three colours. When we sat down to pick the colours for Vessel, as we do with most new pieces, we wanted a colour pallet that blended into nature rather than be covered in prints and loud colours. 

This specific towel works on a few levels for Sal Salis - the colour pallet matches their toned down retreat canvases, they're set up on a Turquoise Beach and the surrounding landscape is dust red to tie's into all 3 colours. 

Here's a couple images the crew sent us..

the bar

The entrance to the bar overlooking the Ningaloo Reef

Vessel in all 3 colours rolled and ready

A few of the 11 Tents in the camp

The staff, pretty stoked on their new towels to over-use 😊

The custom screen printed & hand stitched Co branded badge. Thanks for the expert stitching Leslie! 😉