Plastic Vs 8oz canvas

Do soap container's excite you? Not really?

They don't really excite us either...but here's a post about them anyways :) 

This post aint about the moral high ground - telling the world how amazing we are because we've chosen canvas over plastic for our soap kits.  

Plastic is actually a dirty word in some circles.

But there's a right time to hate on plastic, and a wrong time. Plastic is an amazing invention that's absolutely needed on (modern) planet earth...just not in travel soap containers, in our opinion. 

We chose 8oz canvas for a number of reasons. Firstly, it looks better. 

A natural cotton bag with a simple screen printed logo is (aesthetically) more pleasing than a plastic container

Secondly, plastic soap holders get slippery in the camp showers and more often than not, you lose your soap in the dirt if showing in the wild. 

Our pouches hang around the tap/tree/car mirror for a grit free wash. 

Thirdly, the other benefit to not use plastic containers for our Soap kits, is storage. 

With the soap AND bag having the ability to dry out overnight...your soap isn't all soggy next time round. It's fresh as it was new, each time you pull it out of the bag. 

And lastly - you can turn it inside out, stick your hand inside and exfoliate using the (semi) rough surface and pre-soaped hem from where the soap lives. 

So there you go, a practical cotton pouch that in our opinion is simply better than a plastic container.