Pallet Soap box - 1 length of timber

beachsoap boxsoapkit in canvas pouchessoapbox standing

So we needed to create a point of sale display box for our retail supporters that stock our coconut Beachsop. 

Not to step out of character..we decided to grab a pallet we had kicking around, carefully dismantle it (not easy - had to refer to a youtube "how to dismantle a pallet" video) and try to not get any wastage from the pieces we used

We're pretty stoked with the result...but not so stoked with the scalability of the project. Lucky (or not so lucky?) for us we only have a dozen or so of our customers selling the beachsoap kits.  

A cool (accidental!) feature is it's able to used standing or flat. Either way the nails can act as a hanging peg for the 8oz Canvas pouch...or as stoppers at the front when it's laying down.

If you've landed here from our little insta giveaway, comment below, include your insta @username and where you're off to for your next road trip/holiday - you might just score yourself a soapkit in the mail :) *Winners announced on our insta account.