French terry - a comfortable travel towel

Why French Terry for some of our Cotton Bamboo Travel towels

So the category name is kind of misleading. 

We don't make these travel towels in France.

Briefly, French Terry is a functional fabric that has terry loops woven into one side...and pure flatweave on the reverse. 

Bathroom style softness & absorbency with travel style packability. 

Compared to a bath towel, It’s super lightweight and will pack down to 1/3rd the size.

For lives in transit - some travellers prefer a towel that's both comfortable and functional.

Typically, travelling around doesn't always bring hot sunny days - the types of conditions needed to dry out thicker style fabrics, so - we sourced the French terry production method because we wanted a top line of comfortable travel towels. 

The added bonus of this collection is that they don't have to be stashed in your camp/travel bag. Especially for the Vessel Collection, we've designed the range in such a way that they'll present well on a bathroom towel rack and not look out of place in a hotel lobby. 

1 towel for the travel, the beach & the bathroom - and never look out of place :)

A short history

Here’s the historical lowdown. The term French Terry is used colloquially for warp-knitted terry products.

The first industrial production of terrycloth towels was by English Manufacturer, Christy.

One of the founders stumbled upon what was thought to be a mistake on a Turkish black loom while he was travelling through Eastern Europe on a sourcing trip. 

These guys commercialised the concept of 'terry towels' in a big way and went global (the bathroom towels we all use today).

Then, during the 'sportswear' boom of the 70's and 80's - french terry fabric was born from the need to have moisture wicking properties for tracksuits...but NOT make the wearer look like they're getting around in a bath robe - hence the outside flatweave/inside terry combination.