Australia's 2021 National Plastics Plan

Microfiber fabrics, are they included in the plan? 

Here at Layday, we live in the world of (drying) fabrics..and we also kind of give a crap about less plastic in the world.

We were interested to see if the new 2021 Australian Government Plastic Plan had any mention of the textile industry.

It's more focused on single use and unnecessary plastics, but we did find a pretty good point about polyester/sand free fabrics.

From the government's paper;

microfibre filters for polyester fabrics

Will you need a Microfibre Filter for a Layday™ Journey Towel? 

Nope! 😀.

Because we only weave our journey towels with yarn grown by nature (100% cotton), when Layday fibres enter our waterways/ocean via your washing machine the cotton fibres will eventually break down into its original molecular nature first created it.

Microfibre on the other hand - those fibres are with us forever. Be them recycled PET, or virgin polyester - they can't be broken down by nature because they're synthetic molecules.

Read more about the 2021 National Plastics Plan over here