A Tailored towel fringe

Q - Why hem a travel towel in the first place?

A - For us, we wanted an edge to our towels that provided both function and aesthetics.


There’s a few different ways that towels come to have a ‘fringe’..or an edge. For example, think department store style towels.


Commercial style beach towels, round and rectangle - simply stitch on the fringe from a spool of ‘fringe’ they have in the their factory. It’s just there for show and adds un-necessary bulk. 


The other style of fringe is the ‘hand tied’ (think Turkish towels) or even rolled and stitched (checkout your bath towel). 


Up until a few months ago, the entire Layday collection was hand tied. 


The problem we were having with hand tied fringes is that after months of use and abuse..the odd single fringe could potentially become un-tied. 


Once a hand tied towel fringe become un-tied, the fringe can not only look kind of messy, but the horizontal yarn is then not ’sealed’ into the end of the towel.


The result is lose yarn, and overtime - a messy looking towel thats getting slightly smaller, thread by thread.  


So after a bunch of field testing, many washing machine tests etc..we rolled out the Tailored fringe across our single and queen size travel towel collection.
A little side point to note also, a fresh Layday will have a few loose horizontal yarns on both ends of the selvedge, from the hand sealing of the fringe. Remember that the double stitch that seals this neat little fringe actually locks down the pile of the towel - so the few strands left from the maker will remain only that..a few loose yarns :)


Here's to looking neater in the long run!