Beachsoap - an everyday saltwater soap




Once In Babylonians, approx 2800 BC, someone cooked an animal over a fire. The dripping animal fat (acidic) reacted with the fire's Ash (alkaline) and thanks to nature/science, soap was created. 
Although we find it a bit freaky someone wanted to rub such a strange concoction, all over themself...we also find it a touch ironic that soap, therefore beachsoap, was first discovered with an outdoor camp fire :)




When a soap is produced for mass distribution, making it by hand simply doesn't make economic sense.

In place of traditional methods and natural (expensive) base ingredients, petrochemicals and plastics (microbeads) are added.

There's also a common chemical process that when adding the synthetic additives removes the glycerin from the soap. This increases the hardness of the soap but in the process also removed the nourishing part of the soap (the fatty acids). That's why some dermatologists say soap can dry out and damage skin, because a super concentrated commercial soap will clean you and last a long time but also has it's downfall.  




Beachsoap is made by expert soap makers with 20+ years experience in natural soap curation. 

Quite conveniently, they live in the same town as us :)

We gave them the idea of - a natural soap that will lather in saltwater, not choke the local ecology should we wash in a river and can be used everyday...for all skin types.

Quite a broad set of features but the experienced team put together a brew exclusively for Layday - we're more than stoked with the final product.

Add it to cart before your next extended road trip/shower.