Starla Oreo

When I visit a new website I always see how active their blog is. More often than not, it's got a few posts from when they launched, then it rolls into once a month, then bi monthly and so on.

We ourselves have not been so active on this layday blog...that genuinely disappoints me. 

I wonder if it disappoints the other 46 people that clicked on our blog tab last month :)

Anyways, we have a rad new colour in Starla called Oreo. Pretty obvious why we named it this. Do you like the name? do you think it's lame? Do you like the biscuit? Will we get sued for using the name?

Starla has zero fabric printing, hand tied fringes and a solid weight to bulk ratio. Travel towel x carry on leg blankie. 


flatweave oreo layday beach towel