New colour - need your help :)


From time to time, we all run out of creative juices. Sometimes our minds flow creativity like turning on a tap...sometimes it's more of a drip in a bucket.  

Today's one of those drips in a bucket days. 

We need your help to name this NEW TOWEL we just finished. 

Comment below with a colour name and you could get one

WE'RE GIVING AWAY 2 - 1 in OZ and 1 in USA

Hit the comments bit and leave your thoughts. 

We're pretty open but here's some inspo..

  • Your local Ice Cream shop's berry special?
  • The Northern Lights names?
  • Some kind of cocktail?
  • A weird ass watermelon hybrid?
  • Your friend's name that always butchers their hair dye?

Look forward to giving a couple away and finally having a name on paper. 

Best of luck!!