5 surfer girls you should know

By: Victoria Clark via surfcollectivenyc.com

We all recognize big name surfers like Stephanie Gilmore, Sally Fitzgibbons, Carissa Moore, and Laura Enever who have each made tremendous strides for females in a predominantly male populated sport. From breaking world records to becoming international icons through their passion and talent of surfing, these women are nothing short of extraordinary. Alongside these big name surfers, however, are many other trailblazing ladies who, although may or may not be on the world tour, are up to some pretty rad stuff. So, with that said, we thought it was about time that we shared a list of some of our other favorite female surfers who are using their love for surfing to help others and spread goodness wherever the next best swell takes them.




Lindsay Perry – Satellite Beach, Florida

At only 28 years old, this Floridian beauty and Billabong team rider has accomplished more than most of us do in a lifetime. From surfing, to writing, singing, and designing, Lindsay Perry is exactly the type of girl that we love to love. This talented force has used her love for surfing to follow her many other passions and gifts. And to make matters even better, before Perry became a national hit (including performing at this years SXSW), she was a writer for none other than Surf Collective! So, if anyone should be on your radar, it is our girl Lindsay – head to her personal site Lindsea.com for more!


Kim Diggs – Outer Banks, North Carolina

Kim Diggs is a personal favorite of mine as she hails from the Outer Banks of North Carolina, one of my favorite places in the world and a place I am grateful to be able to call home. Diggs, 27, is not only a team ambassador for Patagonia, but is also an active member of Love, Light, and Melody, a charity that uses creativity and the arts to battle the physical, emotional and spiritual effects of extreme poverty facing children and the communities where they live. True to Patagonia’s mission, this beautiful surfer girl uses her love and passion for surfing as a means to travel the world and help those in need along the way. For more on Diggs click here and head here to find out more about her charity!


Daniela Hernandez Pedraza – Caracas, Venezuela

A few weeks ago I was browsing Instagram’s “Recommended Followers” when I came across the handle @surfistastravelogue with a description that read “A guide to travel with thoughts from the heart. Book 1: Indonesia | Venezuela | Peru | Mexico.” Extremely intrigued, and in true investigative fashion, I followed the handle and realized they had a website, which then led me to discover that they had just released their first travelogue publication. As I read more about it, I discovered the girl behind it all – Venezuelan-born Daniela Hernandez Pedraza who has used her love for traveling, culture, food, art, wanderlust, and of course, surfing, to share her chronicles with the world through this bi-annual publication entitled Surfistas. Sold online here and everywhere from McNally Jackson in New York to Deus Ex Machina in Los Angeles and Salt Water in Hamburg, Surfistas is a publication that you definitely don’t want to miss out on and in case you don’t believe us, head over here to watch their video. Did we mention it’s mostly about beautiful ladies who know how to shred? Who wouldn’t want to read about that.




Kassia Meador – Malibu, California

Anyone who is familiar with Kassia, or “Kassi” as her friends call her, knows that she is a force to be reckoned with. This girl not only looks beautiful on land, but makes the sport of surfing and longboarding look effortlessly beautiful as well, as if she is dancing on water to the perfect tune. As a longboarding veteran and successful Roxy team rider, Kassia has been instrumental to spreading the love of surfing around the world and her already uber popular collection of lady’s westuits, Kassia + Surf, is a true testament to her positive energy and amazing aesthetic. Combining her love of surfing and designing, Kassia’s line of wetsuits is guaranteed to make girls look great in the water, and obviously keep you warm and dry in the meantime. To read more about Kassia and her new line of suits, head over to the website Kassia + Surf.

Victoria Vergara – New Caledonia, France

So at the risk of sounding bias, as this girl does in fact share my name, Victoria Vergara is a girl who if you don’t already follow, you most definitely should. At only 16 years old, Vergara became a model and rider for Roxy and has been longboarding around the world ever since. Her elegance on and off the water has won her major attention and if she isn’t already well on her way, this young beauty is destined for success. Although surfing is her passion, Vergara has expressed a keen interest in continuing her modeling career, which I am sure we can all agree, is not going to be very hard for this one. Check out her very sexy and very cool video by Reef here.