Terry Turkish Towels


For the most part...a towel is a towel. 

It dries you...like it's supposed to. For people who are interested, there's other aspects of the towel (and depending on your lifestyle) are just as important as the drying properties of a towel. 

Packability, durability, drying capabilities. 

Our Flat-Terry towel is unique because it's one piece. Versions of this concept exist...but they consist of a layer stitched onto 1 side of the towel. 

Most of the time a printed sarong on a double terry looped towel. 

The benefits of our weave is that it's 1 pieces of fabric.

  • Less stitching means less sand caught in the seems
  • Less bulk for better packing
  • Double the drying surface area thanks to 2 sides being non-velor cotton. 
  • ...just a more simplified version of what already exists. 

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