Bath Towel Vs Beach Towel

Bath towels - more for drying you. 

Thats why it's got 2 soft, puffy sides. Double thick piles of terry cotton loops to soak up as much water as possible, as quickly as possible. 


Beach towels - more for laying on. 

Sure, there's the drying part once you get out of the water - but beach towels should be more designed for laying on..than they are for drying. This is why we believe a nice big beach towel doesn't need to be so puffy. It needs packability and layability (layability?) - these characteristics should trump the softness of a normal beach towel.   


So why are most beach towels so puffy?

Quite simple really...mass production machines in manufacturing regions like China and India have their weaving machines pumping out tons of terry-velour and terry-terry towels that are all the same weave. 

There's A LOT more bath towels needed throughout the world than there is beach towels. 

It's costly to stop production, just to adjust a weave pattern. 

For most of these production factories, the main difference between bath towel and beach really only the length and colour.