Why Istanbul

With a deep seeded history in textiles, comes expertise in towels. 

Turkey is credited for the creation of the towel, in the city Bursa. It is the 1000's of years in textile history that gives this region the right to claim better materials...along with better workmanship on traditional looms. 

Terry loop towels (normal beach towels as we know them) were not put into mass production until the late 1800's, by a company called Christy, based in the UK.

It was actually a trip to Istanbul by the founders son that sparked their idea of industrialising the concept of terry towels and bringing them to the western world.

Along the way the "turkish towel" as it's known doesn't really include any reference to the "terry loops" - even though the region is actually responsible for developing the concept (on a much smaller scale) 

Turkish towels represent a big part of Lay-day's overall towel collection and we're proud to be working with a small group of absolute experts that understand our goal to make an absorbent, packable beach towel.  

Lay-day TERRY