Terry Loops x Lay-Day


Terry loops, as they're known, are how most of us understand the humble beach and bath towel.

Thick, absorbent, soft to the skin. 

For centuries, long before weaving machines could produced the terry loop in the late 1800's - cultures around the world mostly crafted flat weave towels, by hand, on traditional looms. 

The double sided Terry Towel, like most things adopted by the masses, has it's benefit's and and faults. 

Terry toweling is super absorbent...thanks to the extra surface area hundreds of terry loops bring.

In the conventional towels most of us use, the Terry loop process is carried out on both sides of the towel....double the absorption, double the softness, double the weight - double the size when packed. 

So rather than dry the water off into thick concentrated terry loops of a normal towel...you could have a quick drying, light and less bulky towel by reducing the amount of loops right?


We do believe in terry loops in a towel, but only once.

Lay-Day's two tone weave is exactly that - two tone....super soft terry loops on one side - lightweight flat weave on the other. Same piece of fabric, just loomed differently.