Responsible cotton





With any age old industry comes age old history.

The history of cotton is more of a history of global capitalism - one of the first real commodities to bring value, class and leverage to emerging Countries and kingdoms. 

Slavery in cotton was pretty common up until the late 1800's, but what's not so common is slavery in todays global economy. 

It bums us out to know that in Uzbekistan, slavery is absolutely happening. In fact, the government there knows it happens and (intentionally) done nothing to solve it. 

The responsible Sourcing network exists to Isolate Uzbekistan as best they can.

Calling them out internationally is done by having some of the world's biggest (and smallest!) companies involve them self with the RSN's mission - stamp out cotton slavery and child labour altogether. 

We're stoked to be working with the Responsible Sourcing Network.

Together with the constant interrogating of our supply chain and following RSN's advice in responsible sourcing, we'll always strive to have the cleanest cotton we can. 

We're excited about steering this little brand in a direction that we can be proud of - and it's only a direction because no company/brand/business can be 100% pure, can they :)

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